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Digital Photography Class - Emulation project, Annie Leibovitz.  I haven’t complete this project yet - but I thought this picture came out well.  I’ve taken (with the help of classmates and my kid) Meryl, Bette, Blues Bros, Iggy, Mick, Keith, Keith, group, Lily (above).  I still need to get John & Yoko. 

love it!


Magnificent! Don’t Stop Me Now comic by Pablo Stanley. Queen > everything.

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Somebody get on dis!



Project 4 - Portrait. Directions: pick 1 subject, take 3 photos that represent how you define the person. Then ask the person how they define themselves and take 3 more photos that represent their definitions.

His version - fighting evil, maker, natural habitat

My version - father, hacker, car-guy

Digital photography class - midterm shooting exam, part 2.  In order - panning, macro mode, from less than 8 inches, under street light, portrait under fluorescent light, portrait of a stranger.

Digital photography class - midterm shooting exam, part 1.  In order - white on white, black on black, with fill, without fill, stop motion.

Digital photography class - texture

Digital photography class - form

Digital photography class - line; actual, implied, and to subject.

Digital photography class - composition. Uses of symmetry, dominance, closure, rhythm.